(Un)common Ground

Strategic partner

Art and Business Conference

JUNE 2021

(UN)COMMON GROUND is a space prepared for a substantive meeting of art and business.

Among other, the forum of international experts aims to facilitate understanding of mutual needs, identify and visualize objectives, trigger and enhance better communication between the apparently distant spheres. The concept is to showcase and embrace the essential touchpoints of both areas and the reciprocity of benefits stemming from such a powerful, bilateral co-operation. Both in the area of public relations, philosophy, and its socio-economic aspects.  The insights from our keynote speakers, who successfully build tangible global connections between the worlds of Arts and business, shall enhance the results of a practical debate on how to overcome the operational, communication and analytical hardships identified.

ERGO Hestia, with its Arts Foundation (Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation) has been successfully building a thriving co-operation model with business. Hence, we understand and acknowledge the reality where business and Arts’ reciprocal contribution comprise an immense value, especially, while ensuring a complementary  exchange of mutual values and competences. .

The way we understand Arts show how powerful it may be as a development tool for the business organization, yet can trigger fostering its top-notch values. During the event we aim to share the best of practices and functional solutions of this innovative approach incorporated globally